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“I am delighted with the therapies we do .. I love to learn from a great professional and above all the information you give us to understand our addiction, it is surprising that almost no talk about drugs in order to understand our relationship with them .. It’s professional”
Reason for visit: addiction

“The doctor has helped me out of my problem with drugs and gambling … I’ve been in several psychiatrists, but as with any .. always cares for us visits are long and made q again regain family. Their involvement is extraordinary but as a person better much more. “

Reason for visit: Addictions

“The ability to understand the problem that I had ..the help as customized format and in their professional ..in summary therapies .. thanks to this doctor my addictions are controlled and disappear, with sea views, I felt great is not the typical cold consultation. “
Reason for visit: Addictions

“I loved it, personalized service, empathetic staff, plus a few visits imminent results, go I could not be happier”
Reason for visit: Pain

“The site is beautiful, is amazing, super close, like I know you always makes you familiar quickly, is very good, the truth is that thanks to this doctor my father changed 100%, all great, could not say anything bad for the visits “
Reason for visit: Addictions

“The center makes you feel at home and the treatment of Dr. Rafael makes you feel like you’re family. After 34 years, he and with the help of another psychologist have become my heroes and have made my life meaningful. Thanks to him I can say I’m happy. “
Reason for visit: Addictions